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We have divided the facts about Israeli Apartheid up into five categories:

Facts About Israeli Apartheid [index]

A. What is Apartheid? [view]
B. International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid [view]
C. Apartheid in the Israeli Occupied Territories [view]
D. Learn about apartheid and discrimination inside the state of Israel [view]
E. Apartheid in Israeli Occupied Jerusalem [view]
F. Water Apartheid [view]
G. Apartheid Laws inside the State of Israel [view]
H. Apartheid Laws in the Israeli Occupied Territories [view]
I. Comparison of Apartheid in South Africa and Apartheid in Israel/Palestine [view]
J. Quotes from Desmond TuTu, Jimmy Carter and others about Israeli Apartheid [view]
K. Powerpoint [view]
L. Downloadable Fact Sheets [view]
M. Israeli Violations of International Law [view]

Fragmentation of the West Bank [view]

Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
A. Main Page of Ethinic Cleansing of Palestine [view]
B. Learn how the Ancient City of Jaffa (now inside Israel) was ethnically cleansed [view]
C. Learn the story of how three ethnically cleansed villages on the West Bank became an Israeli National Park [view]
D. Ethnic cleansing is both a war crime and a crime against humanity. Learn about the international legal framework [view]

Further Reading and Resources [view]

Gaza [view]

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